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Betting sites not associated with GamStop

Did you somehow end up banned from all GamStop betting sites? Whether it was accidental or on purpose the main thing is that you cannot lift the prohibition until a certain period expires. What can you do you might be asking yourself, well you are in luck, as you are about to discover a whole new gambling world that will offer you way more than casinos registered on GamStop ever could.

Betting has always been the most prominent feature when it comes to gambling online. Most casinos nowadays have their betting section or sportsbooks. The issue is that today, not all countries have legal gambling sites, and in the UK any betting sites have to be approved by the UK Gambling Commission.

Furthermore, UKGC’s rules demand that all casinos be a part of their addiction prevention programme GamStop, which when used restricts players from entering any betting site listed on it. But there are alternative methods, which are not promoted as opposition to GamStop, but rather an alternative method for people in the UK that have accidentally or for any other reason mistakenly ended up excluding themselves from online betting sites.

Non GamStop Betting Online

What is GamStop?

GamStop is as already briefly mentioned, a prevention scheme used by UKGC to prevent addicted gamblers from entering online sites for gambling of any form. This scheme allows users to ban themselves from entering any online casinos, or rather gambling sites in general.

Can you work around GamStop?

Unfortunately, once you have entered the program of prevention there are no ways that will allow you to work around that, you will have to wait for the set period to expire and then manually apply at GamStop to lift the prohibition. On the other hand, there are alternative methods that you use to start gambling again, but these are recommended only if you have mistakenly got banned, or if you feel your addiction is no longer there. There are non GamStop betting sites that are just as secure as ones under GamStop.

How long does it last?

Restriction periods that you can choose from at GamStop are 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years. These time periods cannot be altered once set. You will have to wait for that time period to expire before you can lift the ban on online betting. After the time passes, you will have to manually request from GamStop to lift the ban so you can start gambling again.

What does GamStop block?

GamStop blocks all sites that are licensed by the UKGC. Which means that it not only blocks betting sites but casinos, lotteries, bingos, instant win games and other forms of gambling. The most recent addition to the restriction list is skin trading for games. These have systems that are the same as gambling and can be as addictive as regular gaming, thus GamStop is working on adding them to their list as well.

What is an alternative for betting sites associated with GamStop?

With all said, particularly that you cannot lift the ban of entering gambling sites, an alternative method includes betting on other sites that are not part of the prevention scheme. You will find all games such as slots, table games, lotteries, and most importantly bookies, available at international casinos and other sites not associated with GamStop. In the following text, you will find additional detail on the security and safety of these casinos, and a list of some of the best ones available even in the UK.

How safe are betting sites not working with GamStop?

If you are in a dilemma over the safety of betting sites or casinos not associated with GamStop you can rest assured, as we will explain how they work and how to choose the best one. The important part is that these casinos are fully licensed. There are international gambling authorities such as Curacao Gaming Authority, Malta Gaming, Gibraltar and others that ensure the highest level of security for all casinos operating under them.

The job of these gaming authorities is to ensure the safety of the machines, or in this case, fair odds, and the security used to protect the casino’s customers.

How to choose the best online betting site not under GamStop?

Just as you might have guessed, there will always be casinos that are potential scams. This problem exists even in the UK under strict rules of UKGC, and it is also a problem in international casinos not associated with GamStop. When looking for an online betting site not on GamStop, you need to check their security, licence, promotion wagers, banking methods, and other aspects such as game variety etc.

If you are not the type to do detailed research, do not worry, as we have done a lot of it, and we will provide you with a list of some of the best betting sites not on GamStop.

Best non GamStop Sportsbooks Online

There are hundreds of incredible betting sites and casinos not associated with GamStop that are accessible in the UK. The following list is just a suggestion of some of them. This doesn’t exclude the others as bad. Some of them have great promotions, others offer not just sports betting but virtual, esports, and horse racing. Depending on what you need, some betting sites might suit you great some not that much.

Slots and Bets casino

SlotsNBets casino not on GamStopStanding out as one of the most prominent ones, this online casino offers players looking for non GamStop betting sites an incredibly stocked casino section, along with a betting section. Here you will find options to bet on Football, Tennis, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Volleyball, and pretty much any sport you can think off.

This casino offers incredible promotions, one of which is for the betting section of the casino and offers a 100% bonus up to €100, which is pretty good for sports betting. They also offer returning players 2 cashback options. Their most prominent promotion is the welcome package for the casino itself, and it grants users an 800% bonus up to €3000 spread across first 3 deposits.

In addition to sports betting, they also have a virtual sports section where you can bet on virtual dog races, virtual football, and others.

Bet Swagger Casino

Bet Swagger’s sportsbook not associated with GamStop - One of the most reliable betting sites not on GamStop is the Bet Swagger casino. Despite it being a casino primarily, its sportsbook and betting section are one of the best in the industry. With its adult theme, it creates a unique and awesome experience for players around the world.

Its offer is tremendous, and it gives players a choice between the sportsbook, where you can bet on any sport known to man, esports, and virtual sports. Regarding security, the casino’s licence holder, Curacao Gaming Authority, ensures the odds and machines are fair. And for data protection, the casino uses the latest data encryption technology, known as SSL or Secure Socket Layer, which protects the casino from any unwanted breaches and thus protects all data transferred over the internet.

Fortune clock sportsbook

Fortune Clock Casino not on GamStop - There is a reason why most reviewers list Fortune Clock as one of the best Betting sites not registered on GamStop. This casino has everything you need, sports, esports, and virtual sports betting section, incredible promotions, and outstanding odds. The casino is fully licensed and available for UK players.

Its promotions section is filled with bonuses for both casino and betting, and in the betting section, you will find in addition to bonuses, tournaments where you can win prizes such as Apple iMac, Smartphones and others. The first promotion has an up to a 100% bonus on the winning amount, where if you have enough events you can double your winnings.

There are also Cashback and Cashout options. Cashback lets players have an incredible 55% cashback. And the Cashout option lets you collect your money even before all games have ended if you wish so.

Red Lion casino

Red Lion casino not on GamStop - This online casino not on GamStop stands out with its exceptionally high Payout rate and superior odds. It has a stunning design and lets players navigate through all sections easily. It has a welcome package for in both betting and casino section. The betting section features a 100% bonus up to €100, and the minimum deposit is €25.

There are additional cashback options for all players. It also has a rich banking section, where you can choose from various card methods such as MasterCard, MasterCard, Amex and others, with an additional cryptocurrency method, Coinspaid. Deposits are instant while withdrawal may take up to 3 business days depending on your preferred method. All in all, a solid choice when it comes to choosing a casino not registered on GamStop, and it is available in the UK.

Harry’s casino not on GamStop

Harry’s casino sportsbook not on GamStop - This non GamStop betting site has a stunning web page design and even better offers for all customers around the world. It offers players the chance to bet on sports and virtual sports. The sports section is filled with incredible odds and the option to choose the format of the odds.

Both sections of betting are easily navigated, and in just a few seconds you will find everything you need. Additionally, you can keep track of ongoing matches, and you have the live betting option with constant updates to odds, and a BetSlip section where you can watch real-time plays and actions for example in football or basketball.

The casino being internationally used also offers different language options, and its support centre is equipped with multilingual agents.

Additional Non GamStop associated betting sites

As we have already mentioned there are hundreds of online betting sites not registered on GamStop. Although we have listed some of them, maybe some others might suit your need better, so do consider some of the following.

  • Agent no Wager Bookmaker
  • PH Casino
  • 24 Monaco Sportsbook
  • BetFlip
  • Royal Oak Casino
  • Milion Vegas
  • Crazyno Casino
  • Maximum Casino
  • Bet Now

For additional detail you can visit these betting sites, you can easily check their licence and its validity. Also, double-check the wager requirement for their bonuses before using some of the promotions. Just like there are good and bad casinos registered with UKGC the same goes for casinos, not on GamStop. Quick research can provide you with all details needed.

Options to bet on at non GamStop betting sites

Although there are hundreds of options available for placing bets and non GamStop sites, some of the most popular options include Football, Basketball, Tennis, Horse racing, and the ever-growing esports betting.

Football betting not on GamStop - When it comes to betting on football, most of betting sites not associated with GamStop provide customers with options of betting on their favourite leagues, such as Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, and others. With incredible bonuses and promotions, you are on the right course for making some good cash.

Tennis betting on sites not working with GamStop - Just like football, betting on tennis in non GamStop betting sites is incredible. You will find all tournaments available, starting from the biggest events such as Wimbledon, US open, and others, all the way to smaller ATP 250 tournaments.

Non GamStop Horse racing betting - One of the most popular betting options in the UK belongs to Horse Racing, and non GamStop betting sites offer the most incredible options when it comes to this. Even though it lost some of its popularity it still stands at the top of most wanted betting options.

Esports betting not on GamStop - As video game tournaments are slowly becoming bigger events than most prestigious sports tournaments, it’s only logical that betting on it grows too. Almost all online betting sites not on GamStop have implemented this option for its customers, and you can choose from games such as DotA 2, Counter-Strike GO, League of Legends, Overwatch, and others.

Pros and cons of non GamStop betting sites

On the plus side of betting sites not being registered with GamStop, you will find the promotions are not as limited, they accept players from all around the world, including the UK, and generally no limitations. The negative side is that it doesn’t have as many banking options as betting sites under UKGC, and the fact that if you do exclude from one casino, it doesn’t ban you from others, and you have to do them all manually.

UKGC’s rules state that some promotions and bonuses might be too attractive for some players, but betting sites not on GamStop view as them as too generous, they simply give you the chance to increase your winnings by a lot, and in case you don’t like them you don’t have to use them.

When we say that there aren’t as many options, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any, quite the opposite, you will still find a majority of them, but not at all casinos and not in the same number as ones under UKGC.

Just like you have to apply for GameStop’s prevention scheme, you will have to remove yourself from a certain non GamStop casino. The issue is that you have to do them all individually, but the fact is that if you have the strength to apply for GamStop you will have the strength to ban yourself from non GamStop betting sites.

Can you exclude yourself from non GamStop betting sites?

Something that has been listed as a negative is at the same time a positive side of non GamStop betting sites. Despite them being an alternative to casinos under UKGC, their intention is not to harm anyone, and thus they promote responsible gaming for all customers.

A commonly asked question is whether one can exclude oneself from non GamStop casinos. And the answer is YES, all casinos let customers ban themselves from entering in case they feel addicted or are taking it too far. The same method is used with GamStop where you have to be the one to enrol, so it’s not that much different.

Final thoughts betting sites not on GamStop

If you have decided for whatever reason to try out betting sites not working with GamStop, you are in for a real treat. These betting sites, casinos, lotteries, whatever it is you are looking for, offer the same options as UKGC’s casinos, and more. They are not limited by strict rules in regards to promotions, but they do also follow rules from their licensing companies.

These companies have over the years of licensing non GamStop betting sites, instilled a sense of security and fairness with all the customers of a casino licensed by them. But beware, as there are casinos falsely advertising having a licence and this can easily be checked with the licencing company whose crest they carry unjustly.

So are non GamStop betting sites good or bad?

With all that has been written, it’s only fair to conclude that they are awesome, if you find a trustworthy casino of which there are many, you will be happy that you have somehow ended up restricted on GamBan and thus discovered these non GamBan betting sites.