Gamblers Anonymous

Gamblers Anonymous

Gamblers Anonymous – Advice and Support Community

‘Did gambling make you careless of the welfare of yourself or your family? THERE IS HOPE.’

Gamblers Anonymous organization is another group that provides help and support for players who are experiencing gambling issues and problems. As they say on the official Gamblers Anonymous website, they are the fellowship of men and women who are there to share their own experiences and try to help each other solve gambling problems they are facing.

This actually is the crucial part of this group, as there, you can find other people who are experiencing similar issues as yourself and the way to help each other is sharing a tiny part of your life, your struggles, battles, and ways of overcoming your problems that actually may help someone else. It is a true power of a community working together towards the same goal.

Gamblers Anonymous group is not only available online, but also in real life. They organize regular meetings internationally not only in the USA where they were first based. This is a great thing as many players across the world can get support face to face from members of this organization. Gamblers Anonymous have a website especially for UK residents and there are meetings held all over the country.

History of Gamblers Anonymous

Gamblers Anonymous goes a way back as the first signs of the group started to develop long ago in 1957. Mainly, it all began with two people struggling with the same problem: gambling addiction. Their hardships of obsessive and compulsive gambling lead them to hold regular meetings which later resulted in both of them successfully stepping away from gambling.

These two brave people who managed to overcome their problems felt the need to spread the message that there is hope to other gamblers who are facing similar problems. With the help of a columnist and a TV reported who spread their word, the first official meeting of Gamblers Anonymous was held in September 1957 in California. From that moment on, the group only started to spread and grow all around the world which is why today Gamblers Anonymous is the most well-known group for players dealing with gambling problems.

Recovery Programme and Meetings

Gamblers Anonymous suggest their own 12-step programme that will help players with their compulsive gambling. It consists of a spiritual journey that the two men who started the group followed in their own quest to battling the gambling problems.

Many members of Gamblers Anonymous managed to win their battles and are there ready to support any new players with similar gambling issues and help them obtain a normal way of life free of gambling problems. It is a mission of the whole community to help each other.

Unlike other organizations with the same goal, Gamblers Anonymous organize meetings across the UK as well as in the USA, Europe, and other parts of the world. There are many types of meetings from main meetings, newcomers meetings, to mixed, steps, and woman-preferred meetings. There are also meetings for friends and families of gamblers.

Chat Room, Forum, and Literature

The members of the Gamblers Anonymous fellowship can reach others via chat room or forum where they can talk about their struggles, share experiences, and support each other. There is a lot of information about gambling problems to be found as well as literature on various topics regarding gambling, the problems involved, and how to overcome it all. With the ‘20 Questions’ questionnaire, you can get a clearer picture of whether you may have lost control over gambling and get feedback according to your answers.

Gamblers Anonymous – Battling Compulsive Gambling

Gamblers Anonymous is a full package for players dealing with obsessive gambling and a great place where they can get advice and support from people who have already won the war against gambling and those who are fighting their battles on the way to success. If you are dealing with all these issues we’ve talked about, then feel free to join the fellowship and make a step towards a life free of compulsive gambling.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gamblers Anonymous

🎯What Is Gamblers Anonymous Fellowship?

Gamblers Anonymous is a fellowship or a charity group created for support and help for those dealing with gambling problems. It is a place where players can share their own experiences and help each other. There are forums, chat rooms, as well as meetings held where members can discuss the problems and provide advice and needed support.

🎯Is Gamblers Anonymous Membership Free?

Yes, becoming a member of Gamblers Anonymous fellowship is completely free of charge and anyone who is having gambling problems or those whose family members or friends are can join the group.

🎯When Was Gamblers Anonymous Founded?

Gamblers Anonymous group was founded back in September 1957 in L.A., California. Since then, fellowship only grew and flourished and is today available all across the world.

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