GamBan – Self-exclusion Software

Similar to GamStop, GamBan is used for gambling self-exclusion. But the difference is that GamBan is an app that blocks all gambling sites as well as skin gambling sites and it comes with a price while GamStop is a completely free programme that stops you from signing up at gambling sites.

GamBan offers a 7 day free trial for their customers so they can easily see how the app works for them after which they can buy it and enjoy the full benefits, that is, protect themselves from excessive gambling.

How Much Does GamBan App Costs?

After the 7 day free trial, the customers can buy GamBan software for only £24.99 per year. This actually isn’t that much considering the benefits and the fact that for this small price you will get full protection from gambling harms. With buying that one GamBan license, the customers can protect all their devices, get access to GamBan resources as well as live technical support.

Also, if you are not a gambler, you can still use GamBan for the same price. For example, if you are a parent or a boss who wants to protect their children or employees from gambling harm, you can purchase the software and get all the gambling sites unavailable for the children or employees.

Finally, operators can also use the GamBan services and that way in addition to support services get player protection consultancy, self-exclusion audit, as well as account and support managers. This is also a great way for the players to get free of charge GamBan services as the operators (GamBan partners) will offer the players free access to GamBan for a certain period of time.

What Does GamBan Block?

GamBan software is a way of self-exclusion from gambling sites. More precisely GamBan blocks players’ access to gambling sites as well as gambling apps. The gambling sites and apps blocked include all types and kinds from casinos to skins gambling, e-sports, sportsbook betting, cryptocurrencies, as well as trading sites.

When you purchase GamBan and block all the gambling sites, you cannot choose what site or content is blocked as all of it will be blocked. Furthermore, the situation where you can access these sites and apps may occur but you won’t be able to make any transactions. GamBan company says that in the future there may be an option to keep access to particular gambling content, but for now, it stays as it is.

Unlike Gamstop where players can easily find casinos not on Gamstop, Gamban has a far more extensive list of blocked casinos. However Gamban is merely an app. You could simply use a different device to gamble, unlike Gamstop.

GamBan and Device Compatibility

GamBan offers protection and its software services on as many devices as possible. Currently, the supported platforms include Android (5.0 and newer), iOS (9.0 and newer), Windows (Windows Vista SP2 and newer), and macOS (10.10 and newer). All the devices will provide similar GamBan features such as easy software installation, blocking gambling sites on any browser, blocking Facebook gambling games, the difficulty of bypassing, etc.

If you have issues with gambling, you may also want to check out the Gamblers Anonymous and see what help is on offer there too.

Overall Features of GamBan Self-exclusion Software

- blocks access to gambling sites and apps (thousands of them)

- easy to install

- live technical support

- compatibility with all devices

- customers’ access to helpful GamBan resources

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