Credit Card Gambling

Playing At Credit Card Casinos & Bookmakers

A big number of players have a credit card at their disposal. Visa and MasterCard are the best-known and most popular credit cards in online casinos. Credit cards and debit cards are among the most used payment methods on the internet so far, even though new payment methods are emerging every year.

In the further text, we will provide you with the most important information about playing via credit card at online casinos as well as tell you what the best credit cards casinos out there are.

Mastercard / Visa Cards – The Most Popular Payment Method

The popularity of credit cards casinos is still big even though there are many other payment methods nowadays such as internet wallets such as PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller. As the most commonly used credit cards at online casinos, Visa and MasterCard are easy and safe to use. Upon deposit to online casinos, the funds are transferred to the player’s account right away.

Deposits At Credit Cards Gambling Sites Online

You can deposit with a credit card at the majority of international online casinos, using Mastercard or Visa as the payment method, for example. Whatever the credit cards casino you play at is, the deposit process via credit card usually goes as follows:

  • Choose the casino you want to play at
  • If you already have an account at the particular credit card casino, just sign in. If not, create a gaming account first
  • Go to the section where the deposits are made in your account
  • Pick a credit card there
  • Enter your name and your credit card number
  • Enter the card's validity, month, and a three-digit card number
  • The money will be transferred to your casino account right away
  • Finally, the deposit will be charged on your next credit card bill

Debit Or Credit Card Deposits

Depositing with a debit card is practically done in the same way as on a credit card. The only difference is which sequence of numbers is entered into the required field. The combination cards have a card number sequence on the front and a bank card number sequence on the back. Unlike when you pay on a credit card, the money leaves the account immediately.

Credit Card Casinos and Transaction Fees

Whether an online credit card casino charges for using a credit card as a payment method depends entirely on the online casino you play at. Some casinos charge just a few percents for credit card deposits, but today there are many credit card casinos that have no fees at all.

You can always check this fact with the casino’s customer support but you can also see whether there are any fees by checking the payment section of the casino. Most commonly, expenses are in the range of 1-3% when paying by credit card at online casinos. Some casinos may also take a small fee for withdrawals, which is also stated at the casino.

Credit Card Betting - Visa and Mastercard Withdrawals

If you don’t know this by now, note that at the majority of online casinos, the withdrawal method must be the same as your deposit method. So if you deposit at an online casino using your Visa card, you should also use it as your withdrawal method. In most online casinos, it will take about one to three business days to get your money using Visa credit card.

It is worth mentioning that before the first withdrawal from the online betting site (in most cases), you usually have to confirm your identity. Depending on the casino, this can be done via online banking codes or providing the casino with your documents. For example, most casinos ask you to send a copy of your ID or household bill (phone bill) to prove your identity. Sometimes the gambling site may ask a screenshot of the banking bills, for example.

The Safety Of Using Credit Cards At Online Casinos

You are always advised to be cautious about sharing credit card information, and of course, it is also good to follow this advice. This, however, doesn’t mean that playing at credit card casinos is not safe and you shouldn’t do it. Quite the contrary, online bookmakers use almost the same safety nets as banks, for example. So you can rest sure that credit cards casinos are working their best to protect your personal data.

Also, note that safety also depends on you. The card should always be kept safe and the PIN code should never be kept in the same place as the card. The lost or stolen card must be reported immediately to the bank to cancel it. When it comes to credit cards online casinos, most of them are completely safe. To be sure that everything is safe and reliable, play only at online casinos that are licensed.

Credit Cards Gambling – Convenient, Fast, and Safe

MasterCard and Visa credit cards are both easy to use and represent safe payment methods in online casinos. Deposits via credit cards are easy; you just have to type in the card info, choose the amount to deposit, and the money will be in your credit card casino within minutes. And you don’t have to worry about paying out the deposit right away as it will come as your credit card bill later. As for the withdrawals, they may not be as quick as the deposits, but within one to three business days (depending on the betting site and the bank), you will receive your casino wins.