BeGambleAware – Prevention of Gambling-related Harm

With online gambling being widely spread there are more and more organizations that deal with potential problems that gambling may cause. Sites like When the Fun Stops campaign or Gamblers Anonymous. Apart from the help and support organizations and campaigns there are programs that further help players with addiction with special self-exclusion software such as GamBan which is similar to GamStop.

While gambling and spending time at casinos may be quite fun and entertaining, at the same time it carries some risks for the players. Risks that some players may not even be aware of. This is where these organizations step in, one of those is BeGambleAware.

Anonymous Help Is Out There For Addiction

There is a fine line between gambling for fun and gambling because you need to. Once this becomes the thing, it is time to start thinking about changing your attitude towards gambling and seeking help from organizations such as BeGambleAware. The great thing about these organizations is that everything is confidential and anonymous so there’s no finger-pointing or unfair judging of your actions. It is all about the players and responsible gambling.

BeGambleAware is funded by GambleAware, the independent charity with the goal of keeping players from any gambling-related harm in Britain through education and various treatment and support services. Whether you are the player or you feel that your loved one is having problems with gambling, you can easily seek help and support from BeGambleAware.

What Is the Mission of BeGambleAware?

There are three aspects of the mission BeGambleAware has set out on. First of all, the goal is to educate people about potential risks and harms that come with gambling. Bringing understanding of gambling on a higher level would potentially lead to less harm. Secondly, there is the aspect of improving the cause of prevention of harm and finally, helping those who have already developed certain gambling-related problems and providing them with needed help, advice, and support.

BeGambleAware constantly invests in research and education that will help with reducing gambling problems in Britain. Raising awareness about the harms of gambling is also part of their mission as well as working with other organizations and experts who provide additional help and expertise. Finally, and probably the main aim is to provide quick and effective help and support for those badly affected by gambling.

How Can You Reach BeGambleAware?

BeGambleAware adviser team is available 24/7 every single day for anyone who is experiencing any gambling-related problems or even those who want to seek help for someone else who is affected by gambling. You can call them or choose to contact them by live chat through the National Gambling Helpline, operated by GamCare. You can feel completely safe while talking to the advisers as everything you say will stay between you and you can stay completely anonymous through the whole journey if you wish so. Furthermore, advisers are specially trained and skilled to listen to you and provide support.

There is also a lot of information about gambling on BeGambleAware official website. You find a great deal of helpful info and tips. There is a section for Safer Gambling including tips for gambling safely, spending money, budget managing, control, etc. Then there are sections for Understanding Gambling, Confidential Help, Gambling Problems where you can learn what is problem gambling, or what signs indicate that you may have an addiction, and similar.

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